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Our Goal

Erase $1 Trillion in Student Debt by 2033

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100% of staking rewards are used to abolish US student loan debt.

Student Debt in the United States

  • $1.6 Trillion, 7.8% GDP and growing
  • 1 million people in default each year
  • 46 million Americans or 1/6 in debt
  • Average debt $38,000
  • Less than 30% pay off debt after 12 years
  • 5 million new borrowers each year

Collective Tokenized Bargaining

Every $GETS Token holder can “stake” any number of tokens into the Student Freedom Fund, and the tokens are invested into crypto DeFi markets by experts. Any “yield” or staking rewards made are exchanged for $USD and then used to negotiate, buy, and erase student debt.   

After one year, donors can remove their tokens or continue to stake. This empowers donors to have: 1) ownership with transparency rather than a blind donation that requires no accountability about use of funds, and 2)  a mechanism where digital asset donations can be reused or repurposed for other debt relief programs. 

If we buy your student debt and you are not yet a tokenholder, you will have to pass a free crypto-finance course and learn to buy, stake, and trade cryptocurrencies before we abolish your debt.  This is how beneficiaries can both learn about finance with digital currency while “paying it forward” for others in student loan distress. 

case example: 9,488 people, $13M debt = bought for $1

imagine what we could do with 1 bitcoin!

Need Student Debt Relief?

Meet our negotiators

token distribution: 90% education expenses, 10% management


frequently asked questions

You mean Joe Biden "wiping out student debt with the stroke of a pen"?

CANCELLING STUDENT DEBT IS WISHFUL THINKING - any accountant will tell you that the money has to come from somewhere.

And some people want to "demand" debt relief in the trillions from taxpayers who don't benefit and a government that:

  • Ensured millions of student loan defaults could never apply for bankruptcy
  • Ensured debt servicing agencies could make billions in profit off the suffering of borrowers
  • Has to already deal with priorities like housing, medicare, early childhood education, infrastructure, etc.

Why don't we quit demanding the President to put America in further control to foreign creditors and instead use the 3 trillion dollar opportunity of crypto to negotiate down our own debt? We can create 1 trillion new dollars in the new education economy and fund the entire education of the next generation without asking taxpayers to pay for our voluntary loans.  But we need to do it together through collective tokenized bargaining.

Under the current law, we have to buy bulk debt anonymously. Our negotiators are independent experts who will get the best deal possible, and they will not discriminate by any other factor than the highest amount of student debt for the lowest price.  This method naturally prioritizes those in distress and from underprivileged communities. People who don't have tokens at time of purchase will need to pass a free of charge crypto-finance course to get their relief.  

First Phase: 

2 Billion 

Sale: 6000 = 1 Ether

Second Phase:

300 Billion

Sale: 5000 = 1 Ether

Third Phase:

300 Billion

Sale: 4000 = 1 Ether

Total: 602 Billion

What is the token price?

First Phase:  

Sale: 6000 = 1 Ether

Second Phase:

Sale: 5000 = 1 Ether

Third Phase:

Sale: 4000 = 1 Ether

Total: 602 Billion

GetSmart ($GETS) is a ERC1155 'multiutility token' built on the Ethereum blockchain. $GETS will fund education for the underprivileged ("Underdawgs"), educate people about DeFi, and erase student debt for distressed borrowers at the same time. $GETS are not an investment and token holders agree that any staking rewards be used for the sole purpose of  buying and abolishing student debt.

Buying or staking tokens does not guarantee any of your own student debt will be paid. If the volume and value of $GETS increases, then more staking rewards are available to purchase student debt. 

Since $GETS fuels the NFT Award badges system, the more people who create GETS badges and sponsor education, the more the token might increase in value. If you buy $GETS, do not stake, and the value increases or decreases, you can swap them for other tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. .

First you'll need to create a Crypto Wallet with MetaMask.  It's free.  Then you'll need to receive or buy a little Ethereum.

If you don't have a little bit of Ethereum then get a MetaMask wallet and we will help get you some crypto. Just fill out your FAFCSA at  

You can join and buy a GetSmart Token for less than $1.00 and stake it in the Student Freedom Fund. If your debt is part of the negotiated settlement, you could have it completely erased.

For detailed instructions on getting your cryptowallet, see the blog post "What is Metamask" below.  


roadmap to student debt freedom

Build GetSmart Smart Contract and Staking Mechanism on Testnet

Start Building $GETS Token and NFT Achievement Badge ecosystem on Ethereum

Read Whitepaper Jan 30, 2020

Free Application for Crypto Student Aid

Create the Free Application For Crypto Student Aid (FAFCSA) to highlight stories of people in need and help those in debt get on the blockchain:

Read More March 30, 2022

Whitelist for $GETS Tokens

Open the crowdfunding and initial users for $GETS

Read More May 30, 2022

Confirm Top Level Negotiation and Advisory Team

Fighters and strategists who will cancel the most debt for our token holders.

Read More August 30, 2022

Form a US 501c3 Non-Profit Organization

The Digital Financial Aid Corporation is focused on empowerment through education finance; administers FAFCSA and $GetSmart

Read More September 30, 2022

Release of $GETS Token and NFT Badges

$GETS Tokens can be used as scholarships through our patented Non-Fungible Digital Badges

Read More October 30, 2022

First Student Debt Negotiations

Gather enough staking rewards to buy at least $10 million in student debt before Christmas.

Read More December 01, 2022

Cancel $1 Billion in Student Debt

Our first major milestone - cancel $1 Billion in US Student Debt by April 2023

Read More April 30, 2023

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